Paula earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & French from the University of Miami. She is a certified fitness instructor by the DRD (Departamento de Recreación y  Deportes).  She combined her love for fitness  and psychology by creating the DEEP METHOD: HIIT + meditation.   Paula currently resides in Puerto Rico where she produces, hosts and co-creates wellness  events (@bootyliciouspr) and women empowerment retreats (@transformatepr) that stimulate  the local economy via sweat,  and meditation. She has collaborated with artists such as Zuleyka Rivera & appeared in the Wall St. Journal. 


Paula's journey began in 2013 at the age of 17 as a Zumba instructor teaching free classes at her high school in Puerto Rico. In 2016, at 19, while attending the University of Miami, she had the opportunity to create her own fitness concept: Cardio Dance Interval, combining HIIT, kickboxing and deep house. She amassed a loyal client base among her friends and peers at UMiami. 

During the summer of 2017, she meets a producer, Ernesto Bravo, who is her mentor and key player in creating The Deep Lifestyle Youtube Channel focused on providing short tips on mindfulness, fitness and productivity. 

Shortly after, in 2018, she studies abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, where she finalized thedeeplifestyle.com & begins blogging about her travel experience. (CHECK OUT THE BLOG) 

Upon graduation, she returns to her homeland, Puerto Rico, to pursue The Deep Lifestyle full time. 

She still keeps close contact with her peers in Miami where she is regularly invited to showcase the DEEP METHOD & speak in events such as WOMEN RUN WYNWOOD & FIBO USA. She opened a workout studio that operated for a year in San Juan, created a PODCAST and a 250+ person event, BOOTYLICIOUS. Now in it's 3rd edition (Feb 2020). She currently lives in Puerto Rico and continues SUDANDOLA, BAILANDOLA & MEDITANDOLA.

Follow her on instagram for the latest updates: @paulalandron 

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