I refuse to fall into the trap of thinking that healthy eating is impossible when you're living abroad/traveling. If you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, everything is possible. Nurturing my cells with fuel that will benefit my mind,body, and soul is essential for my well-being and mental health. More than the physical benefits, it increases my focus and optimism towards life! Therefore, I want to show you the kitchen essentials I keep in my fridge while living in Prague:

*** keep in mind, I have a mini fridge *** NO EXCUSES! 

1. cucumbers- hydration! Airplanes dehydrate us, therefore, always keep cucumbers in the fridge. Excellent with salads, a mid-day snack with hummus or add them to your water, dazzle some mint & you have a morning virgin mojito. Salud!

2. avocados- great source of fat & you can also use it for a face mask (honey + avocado = hydration)- the Prague winter is brutal on the skin

3. granola/cereal - late night healthy munchies, breakfast & sprinkle it on your yogurt/açaí. 

4. coconut/almond milk- so necessary for when you have a sweet craving but don't want to eat chocolate. 

5. peanut butter- can't live without it- excellent pre or post workout addition and satisfies your hunger when it's dark at 5PM & you don't want to leave your house. #PragueProblems

6. tomatos - eat them like an apple, or add cilantro & onions to make pico de gallo. Versatile, mamita. 

7. cilantro- it adds the little "damn" to your meal when you don't have olive oil or balsamic vinegar (broke college student life) 

8.lemons/limes- the key element to detoxing (hot water with lemon). Drizzle them over ANYTHING (yes, rice too). 

9. mushrooms - sautée them with onions, add them to an omelette or eat them raw in a salad. For the vegetarians out there, they provide a decent amount of protein. 

10. eggs- feta cheese, mushrooms & cilantro omelette? yes please 

11. dark chocolate with almonds - It gives me the energy I need pre-gym and the small sweet delight post-meal. 

12. parmesan cheese- Do I really need to explain why I have it in my fridge? 

13. berries - (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) - antioxidants, colon cleanser and hydration for your beautiful body. 

14. almonds- add it to your salad, eat it alone or use it to scoop up peanut butter- great for your skin & prevents overeating ;) 

15. oatmeal - best. breakfast. ever. eat it hot or leave it overnight in coconut milk for a refreshing morning treat- add peanut butter, almonds & berries with green tea with lemon and you just had the best morning of your life. 

16. spinach or arugula- salads are life- I don't buy iceberg because spinach has iron and arugula has vitamin K (essential for healthy bones). If you're going to eat a salad because you consider it the healthy option, make sure you are reaping all the benefits. 

Feel free to comment  your kitchen essentials! 


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