I don't remember my 2018 resolutions. This year, I am determined to find the recipe to stick to my goals. The mastermind behind this initiative is Nely Galán, Telemundo's first female president, AKA a bo$$. Galán is the creator of the Adelante movement & author of Self-Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant and Rich in Every Way. She was a guest speaker at ANIMUS, a women's networking and empowerment event I attended in Puerto Rico. Her speech was the perfect combination of "I will pee my pants for laughing so hard" & "I want to sprint from this convention center to become a boss woman". Thank you, Nely Galán for uplifting us with your presence!

How I felt after Galán's speech!

In past years, I would come up with vague, insurmountable resolutions. Some examples include: "Heal", "Be more patient", "Make a million dollars this year" (not that it won't happen, but the law of attraction can only do so much at 19 years old).

Needless to say, this didn't work. This year I want to share what I did to create long-lasting goals I will *hopefully* remember (and accomplish) all year long. NOTE: It's up to me to make these resolutions happen. I can't write them down and wait for them to come to me. However, having an organized mind, clear goals & a step-by-step idea of how to achieve them helps when I'm mid way into the year and have no idea what I'm doing in life (we've all been there).

Back to Nely Galán. She said something so wise yet so simple:

Create goals in groups of three: three things per day, three things per week, three things per year.

So how do we get there?

1. Sit down in your back yard, terrace, in front of the mirror, on your bed, anywhere you like, & breathe for ten minutes. Calm your thoughts & tune into yourself so these goals come from your soul, not from other's expectations of you.

2. Write everything down. I bought a huge piece of paper & a red sharpie (for added intensity, of course) & jotted down EVERYTHING I wanted to do in 2019. Let your mind run wild. Jot down every goal, no matter how outrageous: fitness goals, spiritual, mental, love-wise, family. Take an hour or two for this. Set the mood: light a candle, play your favorite music, invite a friend (or not), this is your time to focus on the future you. No distractions.

3. Read everything three times and begin grouping your goals into categories. Look for a sequence of events.

For example: within the fitness category let's say you have "Lose 10lbs by March" & "join the gym". First you have to join the gym, then lose 10 pounds, therefore, group those two together & begin creating steps towards the ultimate goal of "Losing ten pounds".

4. Take another piece of paper & neatly write down every group with their appropriate steps so you can see everything clearly.

5. Close your eyes. Visualize yourself a year from now. What three goals would make you feel most proud, satisfied, happy, and self-sufficient if you accomplished them by the end of the year? This can take 10-30 minutes. Play around: chose one goal and see how you feel visualizing its completion, then take another one until you have your top three choices.

6. Write the three final goals + their appropriate steps. If you have more than three, that's fine, perhaps you need further thought, or maybe one of those goals is a step for another, broader one you might have. For example: "begin teaching seminars on wellness" could be a step towards "making $3,000 a month doing what I love", rather than a separate goal altogether. Therefore, the goal would be to make the money rather than to teach the seminar, because there could be other ways of making money you can come up with later on in the year. But if your ultimate goal is to travel the world teaching seminars and making the money is a step that will provide you the wealth you need to pay for traveling expenses, then the ultimate goal is the seminars, not the money.

Taking time to breathe is essential for deciphering exactly what you want out of 2019.

7. VOILA! After 4 or 5 hours, you have your three goals of the year! Now it's up to you how you want to divide the steps throughout the year leading up to their completion.

Here are some examples:

---The end goal is lose ten pounds by December 2019---

February goal: join a gym.

mid February goal: have a set calendar of the days you will train & what group exercise classes you will attend.

March goal: Lose 1 pound

You get the idea, right? Perhaps it works to break it down into weekly goals as well.

First week of February: Include 1 extra serving of fruits into one meal per day

Second week of February: Wake up 15 minutes earlier to do 15 squats in the morning

You know how your mind operates. Create strategies that work for you.

As Nely Galán would say ( I am not directly quoting her. I'm using my notes from ANIMUS here): Start at the end of your life. Ask yourself: What type of old lady/man do I want to be? Who are the 70,60,50,40 year olds that I want to be like? Work your way down from the end of your life to where you are now. She is a successful, happy and fulfilled woman now because she had a vision. She knew where she wanted to end up, so she wrote down her goals and worked her way towards them.

I hope she sees this blog post someday, her speech changed the game for me. Thank you, Nely Galán!! Eres una inspiración.

If this helped you, feel free to message me via Direct Message on Instagram @paulalandron! I would love to hear how you did your New Year's Resolution!!!


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