It's not about the numbers

It's not about the following or how many people know you. It's the amount of lives that have been touched by your words, presense or mere energy in a room. It's not about the brands that reach out if the campaign they propose doesn't have an intention to uplift, empower, change lives, or an intention other than -increase brand awareness, followers or reach. 12K,13K,14K, 1 million is not the question, nor the answer. The question is if your value system is present in every offer presented. The answer is always no if the question is not within that value system. It's having people feel in complete freedom to be themselves when they're around you, not if you've been sponsored and paid by 7 brands in the past two months. They have their agenda, but are you honest about yours? Or are you just waiting for the next offer to shape your ideals to what they're looking for? Ask yourself the deep questions:

- Who am I?

-What do I stand for?

-What are my values?

-What does my brand stand for?

-Is my integrity more valuable than a paycheck?

-What am I willing to do for money/What am I not willing to sacrifice?

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