Almost on a daily basis, we're forced to let go of things, people and places that no longer serve us. We have to throw away a shirt we love because it has a stain we can't get rid of. We break up with our romantic partner because he/she is no longer invested in our well being. We move to a new city to pursue our careers. Changes are wonderful and inevitable and learning how to adapt builds our character. Therefore, how can we prepare for events that will rock our boat? Moreover, how can we search for opportunities to let go? (as crazy as that may sound)

In my journey of personal discovery, I've understood that cultivating awareness of how the events and people in my life make me feel is key. Perhaps your way of cultivating awareness is breathing in silence for five minutes, journaling before going to bed, or listening to music. Regardless of how hectic our schedules are, taking five minutes to acknowledge how our relationships are affecting us provides peace of mind knowing that we are making the right friend, co-worker or romantic partner choices.

How can we prepare for events that will rock our boat? Understanding that the only permanent thing in life is change. So let's make peace with it. Rather than regretting the new direction our life is taking, we can acknowledge where we stand and embrace the radical shift. Instead of seeing it from a victim mentality, saying things such as:

"I can never be at peace"

"Why don't things ever work out for me?"

Why don't we see it as if you were intuitively being guided to a better place? Rather than falling into the "life is against me" mentality, why don't we acknowledge the fact that siuations change for our benefit, if we decide to see it this way.

Searching for opportunities to let go... Interesting thought, right? But think about it, if you let go of things, people, events, that no longer serve you; you become lighter, if you are lightweight, you have more mobility, you are free to wander and explore. You have less emotional baggage and more head space. So every day, when you are cultivating awareness of your emotions, ask yourself:

If I could let go of one thing today that will make me feel lighter, what would it be & how can I muster the courage to let it go?


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