FIBO is the world's largest fitness event. You come here to learn about the hottest trends in gym equipment, group exercise classes & technology. I travelled to Orlando to attend FIBO to immerse myself and focus on my career. Orlando is not as exotique as, let's say, Paris or Berlin, but I woke up every morning excited to meet people who's mission in life is to help others live their best lives. Rather than a city, I was exploring people's minds to understand how they created their fitness concepts, trying out equipment to see how I can integrate it into my workouts and absorbing every piece of information I could get my hands on to further advance my career. The #LifeLesson I learned at FIBO is:

Drink BANG! before networking with anyone.

I'm kidding. Although drinking BANG does help, the lesson is:

travel for industry-related conventions & networking events regardless of your age/expertise/experience.

As soon as I found out about FIBO, I bought my tickets, reserved an airbnb & made a budget. I didn't at once think that I was too young to attend or that it was still not my time to go to a world-renowned convention. I didn't let the event intimidate me in any way. I knew I was going to be the least experienced in the room & I was looking forward to this.

At FIBO I asked as many questions as possible and introduced myself to everyone I could. Moreover, it was inspiring to meet people who were ten steps ahead of me.

Bottom line: I wanted to be a small fish in a big pond. I felt it was the time to nurture myself with new ideas and meet interesting people who are dominating the industry. Traveling for business forces you step up your game. It provides a global view on what's happening in your field. It's so inspiring to meet people who's idea started in California and is now in 20+ states and five countries. Meeting someone who's doing 30 times more than what I am currently doing, I experienced a great sense of humility that put me where I needed to be to receive 2019: hustle mode.

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