Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I lived in Miami for four years, but every time I visit, this city inspires me to go #deeper into myself. On my most recent visit I was part of Women Run Wynwood, a monthly women's empowerment 5K run. The event was full of powerful, badass women. We danced, meditated and let loose at The Deck. Amidst all the good vibes and women I met, I gained a valuable life lesson:

It's our civic and personal duty to be the fullest and most unapologetic version of ourselves

During this event, I was doing what I loved: I was surrounded by powerful women, working out, showcasing my creativity and inspiring others to let go of their insecurities and fears. As I was teaching the warm up before the run, I thought to myself, I could do this every single day of my life.

As I was shaking my booty and the girls were following my lead, I understood that this is the version of me that empowers and inspires others. It's this unapologetic, fiery Paula that was invited to the event, not the Paula that wakes up on the wrong side of the bed! This is what people crave and (this is the beauty of it all) is what I crave as well because I am fulfilling my life's purpose when I let go of my insecurities and live in the present moment!

Furthermore, we all have the power to transform lives when we embrace our unique qualities rather than changing them because we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough etc etc etc. When we fully embrace and unapologetically display who we are, our awareness is in the present moment and this is where our power lies. Rather than focusing on our flaws and insecurities, we embrace our individuality and creativity to focus our attention outwards: on how our actions influence other's mood, mindset and decisions. We dedicate ourselves to transmitting our energy to others so that they can become better versions of themselves through your radical acceptance of your true self!

Steps to embracing your power:

1. What makes you unique? Identify situations where you've said to yourself "I love how I said that, did that, responded, carried myself" etc.

2. What environment brings out this version of you? What people inspire you to act this way?

3. Every time you feel insecure, socially anxious or act unlike the situation in step #1, repeat to yourself: "I embrace the most honest expression of myself wholeheartedly" and promise that you will do this next time you feel like you're not enough.

Once you commit to accepting the best version of yourself, opportunities will come to you. When you embrace your power, others will gravitate towards you, seeking clarity and confidence. How do you think I got invited to this event? It wasn't because of my insecurities! It was because I decided to RADICALLY ACCEPT EVERY PART OF MY CRAZY SELF. And the best part is: people will love your crazy, energetic self (or whoever you are), because YOU accept YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.

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