LION'S BREATH ft Beatriz Bonnin

Beatriz is a ERYT200, RYT500+, RPYT85 and Doula. Her vinyasa classes are physically and emotionally challenging. Once I am in savasana, I feel alleviated, as if I had just lost ten pounds of emotional baggage. She employs breathing techniques to help you let go of what no longer serves you and embrace your power. My favorite breath-work is the lions breathe. So I interviewed Bea to learn more about it.  

What is “Lion’s breath”?

It is a type of pranayama, Sanskrit word for breath work, that helps blow off steam, release tension and clear the body during meditation and/or asana (physical) practice.

What benefits does it provide for us if we use it as part of our daily routine?

1. Regulate the breath and clear the body of negative emotions

2. Alleviates tension in the jaw, tongue and face muscles

3. Improves digestion

4. Stimulates the nerves in our eyes to keep them healthy.

5. Helps face/destroy our ego and reducing anger and tap into our power.

6. Activates our bandhas: energy centers in the body that, upon activation, lock a certain part of the body to retain energy and aid in meditation & yoga. 

"Lion’s breath” helps activate all three bandhas:

Mula (perineum)

Jalandhara (abdomen)

 Uddiya (chin to chest lock)

**I recommend combining it with your morning yoga practice to start the day feeling energized and stress free. 

How do you use it in your classes?

I include this pranayama in most of my classes because it empowers students through the release of sounds, sighs, and facial expressions. It helps blow off steam and agitated breath when done in Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog).

I sometimes have my students face their shadow with a visualization and “roar” at it. It's an effective way of reclaiming their power through expulsing negative emotions.

Does this pranayama help cleanse certain chakras? If so, which ones?

Yes it does! This breath is great for activating and healing our Vishuddha (throat) chakra since is creates friction in the back of the throat upon exhaling. This chakra is associated with the way we express ourselves and speak our truth.

It also balances our Manipura chakra (solar plexus), which is the house of our ego, drive, motivation and self-esteem. Since this breath is considered an ego destroyer, it wakes us up, stimulates our bandhas and empowers us. It's definitely a Manipura chakra balancer.

Practice it yourself! 

Come into a comfortable seating position. Close your eyes while gazing up towards the center of the forehead towards your third eye is, take a deep, long breath in through the nose filling up the whole torso and open your mouth wide, stick the tongue out, and push the breath away using the muscles of the tummy creating a roaring sound.

** For more information on Pranayama, check out our interview with @thecocoayogi. 



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