On Monday's I find myself reminiscing about the weekend thinking about how nice it was to be on the beach dancing, and enjoying life. Fast forward to my current situation: sitting at my desk looking at the sky as if it were capable of transporting me back to the boat and the sun caressing my skin. When the weekend fades and the daily commute begins all that's left are memories and lessons. Today I want to focus on the latter: how to dissect lessons via self-analysis questions while creating a plan for improvement for the next time the sun caresses your face

In the past, my weekend mentality was "This is my time to ditch the agenda and relax" But my perspective has evolved. Because of this desire to make the most out of my free time, and bothered by the lack of it in my life, I've found it effective to schedule my time and reflect on how it was spent foster awareness of my time-spending habits.

There’s time for everything if we plan ahead.

Therefore, on Thursdays or Fridays, I sit down and journal or meditate on these questions:

What needs to be done by Monday? 

How will I relax this weekend? 

How will I connect with myself? 

How can I lighten my workload for next week?

Who should I spend time with?

What should I avoid?

On Sundays, I sit down and reflect on what happened:

Who did I spend time with? 

How did I feel spending time with them? 

Did I accomplish everything I said I would do?

Do I feel fulfilled?

Am I more or less stressed for this upcoming week?

Did I prioritize my well-being?

The following Thursday or Friday, I sit down, yet again:


Am I satisfied with everything I accomplished last weekend?

How can I spend my time wisely? 

Who should I surround myself with?

How much time should I dedicate to myself?

Should I work more or less this weekend?

Have I allocated time to relax in nature?

Self-growth is a road that's often treacherous to navigate. We have a burning desire to become better versions of ourselves, but sometimes lack direction and guidance. Creating a systematic approach to personal development gives us a roadmap that ensures we are on the path of growth, if we put in the necessary work. Therefore, asking yourself these questions will increase awareness on how you spend your time. Feel free to create your own set of questions as the weeks go by always keeping in mind: It’s not about micro-managing, but rather consciously acting upon our automatic un-questioned behaviors to shift our hard held beliefs.

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