The way we begin our mornings can either make or break the rest of our day. If we wake up late and storm out of the house without taking a minute to sit down and breathe, chances are, your day is going to be stressful. This is why my New Year's resolution was to create the optimal morning routine so I can set myself up to feel confident, focused and at peace all day. Check out the 7 steps that energize my soul. 

//Feel free to take what works and drop what doesn't//

1. Wake up without checking my phone

It is a major distraction from the present moment, it gives me anxiety and it's highly addictive. Treat yourself to 20 minutes without contact from the outside world. I tried this for a week and immediately noticed a significant decline in my anxiety levels. Not to mention I found myself checking it less during the day.


2. Meditate for 10+ minutes

Meditation puts me in the zone. It calms my mind and helps me appreciate every little beautiful detail life has to offer. I aim for a minimum of ten minutes, but the session can range from 10-30 minutes. Longer meditation = less anxiety & more patience.

If you are new to meditation I would recommend the app INSIGHT TIMER (I know I mentioned to not use your phone in step #1, but you can choose what meditation you are doing the night before so you only have to press play in the AM #LifeHacks) The app provides guided meditations by instructors from all over the world- it has truly changed my practice.

3. Mention three things/people/events I am grateful for.

The beauty and science of gratitude is that when you demonstrate appreciation for what you have, life multiplies these situations where you feel appreciative. Once it becomes a habit, you will find yourself thanking life in random moments during your day. This makes life that much more enjoyable #promise

4. Mention three things I love about myself.

I make sure they are purely character traits, unless I make the connection between physical + mental. For example, instead of saying "I love my eyes" I rephrase it into"I love my eyes because they inspire strength in others".

5. I repeat one of three mantras depending on my mood:

"I am the future me"(days I feel like a BO$$)

"Today will be the best day of my life" (days I feel the love coming out of my pores)

"Everything in my life is purposefully set to ensure I am on the path of maximum growth" (days I feel intricately connected to everything that surrounds me)

6. I set the intention of doing something outside of my comfort zone.

Whether it be taking an alternate route to school, exploring a new café or speaking to a stranger, I need to ensure I am challenging myself.

7. Take three deep breathes and exhale saying "OM".

Why? This mantra vibrates on the same frequency as nature (432 Hz). I am metaphorically and literally synching myself with everything that surrounds and nurtures us. It also calms down my anxiety in case I had difficulties focusing during my meditation (It happens more than you think)

Success is prepared in the morning & enjoyed at night.

If you would like to share your morning routine, leave a comment! 

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