This year is all about restructuring the way I do business, fitness & personal care. Now that I've created a strategy to pursue my long term goals for 2019 (Check out this blog if you haven't), I've decided to focus on small changes that will improve my mood & overall health in my day-to-day operations. I want to share three habits I've modified & transformed into more effective routines to ensure I am at my best 99.9% of the time.

Productivity: Plan my weekends ahead of time.

I used to do whatever I felt like doing Friday's & Saturdays. But, as 2019 came in, I analyzed my weekend habits & understood I was not taking full advantage of my free time. Now, I sit down on Thursday & make a list of everything I would like/need to do. Mostly having to do with creative projects: writing blogs, recording videos etc. Think about it: you have two days where most people aren't working, therefore, you can focus on your creative projects without having to meet up with anyone or going to your job.

enjoying my once a week coffee at Aroma di Caffè

Nutrition: Coffee once a week

You may be thinking: coffee helps you get sh** done. Of course it does, but I surveyed my expenses & realized I was spending too much on a stimulant I don't need. Therefore, I'm limiting it to once a week & preparing tea in my house more often. I make sure the occasion is special by sipping an espresso with someone I haven't seen in a while. My digestive system is thanking me.

Fitness: Scheduling my workouts.

You would think fitness is my top priority. It is, however, this year, I'm making sure I plan my workouts ahead of time. By Monday I have the routine written in my agenda: which day I'm resting, when I'm doing strength training, cardio, yoga, etc. This way, I can plan out what I will eat that day & I can schedule meetings after I set my workout schedule & not the other way around. Last year, I would get caught up in #workmode & sometimes sacrifice my personal workouts AKA my "me" time for working. Working out is essential for my well-being & mental health. I will not sacrifice it this year.

These are not drastic changes in my routine, but rather, behavior modifications I have found effective through meditation & analyzing how I can improve my life. Two weeks into the new year, I feel positive changes in my health & focus. Find out what small changes need to be done in your routine. Focus on the three most important aspects of your life (ex: productivity, nutrition & fitness) & see if there are some minor tweaks that can be done to make your days more delightful. :)


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