I've noticed that my generation is afraid of being alone. Although no one has verbally admitted to this feeling, their actions tell me they are terrified of spending time with their own minds. I've witnessed that they are always looking for something to entertain themselves with, they can't live without a roommate, and wouldn't dare venture around town alone, not to mention go out at night without company. What is it about being alone that makes it such a daunting task? 

I believe being alone is one of the biggest pleasures in life. I am in love with the fact that every time I am by myself, I achieve a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding. See, when we have people around us 24/7, our minds are constantly focused on the external. Let me make this clear, I am not against being with people, I love socializing, but there should be a balance between spending time with others and time with yourself. I would go as far as saying that being alone is a type of meditation. For example, today I barely spoke to anyone while walking alone around Prague, (partially because I am not fluent in Czech, YET), and it felt so nice not having to entertain anyone.  As I was strolling around the city on my self-proclaimed silent meditation retreat, I observed so many situations I wouldn't have noticed if I had been accompanied. I was taking the time to not only look, but analyze everything I was seeing. Although I wasn't speaking to anyone, I felt more connected and in tune with my surroundings.

Being in your room/house alone is also necessary for the soul. Giving yourself the time to go over what happened during your day, perhaps taking a couple of deep breaths, journaling or meditating connects you to yourself. What does "connecting with yourself" mean, you may ask? Being aware of every action, thought and movement to make sure they are in synch with my future vision and goals. 

You might say, "But how can we not be aware of everything we do in life if we are the one's initiating the action?".

Great point.

Now I ask you, every time you breathe, are you fully aware of how your lungs expand and contract? Every time you meet a new person, are you aware of how their vibe makes you feel? Can you readily pinpoint the reason you experience certain emotions? Or do not even ask yourself these questions?  

Spending time alone provides the lack of stimuli needed to listen to your thoughts, and see where your insecurities, fears, and beliefs originate. The beauty and irony of spending time alone is that once you understand why it's so precious, your interaction with your environment  will be more fulfilling because your relationship with yourself is strengthened. 

How we interact with others is a reflection of how we speak to and treat ourselves. But how will we ever understand the nature of our interactions if we never take the time to understand the wonderful and deeply personal relationship with ourselves? 

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