Do you follow love? Passion? Your own drum? Positive thoughts or past mistakes? Following is not just about social media. What you follow drives your life. Specifically, (and for blog purposes) who's dream are you following? For a whole year, I followed societies definition of 'the dream' and swore I was following my own. Culture plays a role when deciding where to go in life, and I got caught up in what the current society in Puerto Rico dictates as "correct","succesful" or "worthy", given the industry I am in (fitness and wellness).

I moved back to PR with a desire to focus solely on my brand, which I've been doing full time since 2018. I specifically opened a workout studio because, at that time, I was pursuing, what I now consider, is a classic Puertorican dream and symbol of success: a brick and mortar business. Please, no one get offended if this is their dream, I totally respect it. I see myself owning workout studios around the world, in due time. However, back to the story:

So I open up the workout studio, hustle all year long. Amidst three to four classes a week, and constant promotion via social media, I amassed a group of people who were loving The Deep Lifestyle and I was loving them, feeding off each others energy, it was a sensation unlike anything I've ever felt in my life.

However, December comes and I recieve a call. Long story short, my landlord hikes the rent threefold. To make it even shorter, in 20 minutes I'm left without a studio and a very fast beating heart.

What will I do now?

Where will I teach?

But, the thought that haunted me was:

What will people think?

However, before I could get myself to clasificadosonline.com to search for my next workout studio, something shifted. I asked myself:

Is this what I truly want?

Is the universe guiding me to open another workout studio?

Or is this a chance to reinvent myself completely come 2020?

It didn't take long for me to do some hardcore introspection:

What do I value?

Where do I see myself a year from now?

What does success mean to me?

Whose definition of success am I living by?

In a matter of days, I answered all these questions wholeheartedly looking at myself straight in the eye & came up with a new life plan-literally. What can I say, desperate times call for honest answers.

What's the lesson?

Now that we entered 2020 energy, it's the time to ask ourselves if we want to continue our pursuits or embark on a completely new journey. Either answer is fine. But we must dare to question social constructs and what the world around us deems 'successful' if we are to ever find true fulfillment and joy in our job/career/life calling.


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